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700 Bishop Street, Suite 2100
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About the Firm James Hochberg offers legal experience accrued since he was first licensed to practice law in 1984, serving the needs of national, regional, and local clients. The firm has the ability to offer a full range of legal services with a focus on:

  1. Real estate and other contract issues, including transactions and dispute resolution involving the areas of property purchase/sale, construction, mechanic's lien, residential and commercial leasing, eviction, mortgage foreclosure, title review, community association, condominium, time share, and all related legal matters.
  2. Education Law, including primary, secondary and post secondary school issues
  3. Protection of Religious Liberties as a pro bono project in concert with the Alliance Defense Fund, Christian Legal Society or The Rutherford Institute, the law firm has fought for protection of religious liberties against infringement by the government.

This firm takes an aggressive, yet efficient approach to protect our clients' interest in both state and federal court, as well as before other government proceedings, private dispute resolution, and purely private negotiations. This long standing statewide law practice has enabled the firm to maintain a professional relationship with judges in both Federal and State Courts, as well as a multitude of attorneys throughout the state of Hawaii.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality legal representation in a timely manner and at an efficient cost to each and every client. We strive to be responsive to each client's needs and to adhere to each client's procedures and preferences, making us an extension of their own office. It is a priority of our firm to quickly understand and be responsive to every client's particular requests. This strong emphasis on client relations has enabled James Hochberg to become a well known and respected law firm in the state of Hawaii.



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